Monday, 12 October 2009

seeking a like minded business partner!

If you like the sound of my business idea below and can support it, or wish to get involved, in any way, then i would LOVE to hear from you. Thanks :)x

Here goes:

Agender: Adressing Gender and Sexuality, Supporting Achievement

Short Description

Agender: Addressing Gender, Supporting Achievement

Agender is a limited U.K company delivering workshops and specialist training in the area of gender and sexuality to schools and community centres. Plans are to extend beyond the Yorkshire and Humber area and evolve to cater for the needs of business in house training.


My Business Idea: to provide consultancy (and training) to schools, youth organisations and businesses in the area of Gender and Sexuality. To present/to facilitate groups for ideas/to deliver groups.

My Suitability: My extensive experience supporting young people in schools and youth groups, particularly gender and sexuality work (i.e. girls groups, peer education work and L.G.B.T.Q youth support work), my Degree in Humanities and Social Studies, My Diploma in coaching and mentoring and my Masters degree in Gender and Sexuality.

(UPN) Unique Selling Point: This work will greatly help schools to pass ofsted and meet the healthy schools, investors in pupils and such targets. It was also aid inclusion targets.

Examples of Sessions Offered:

L.G.B.T. focused

Supporting Lesbian and Gay Young people in school.
Inclusive History-putting L.G.B.T lives in the curriculum.
The law and L.G.B.T young people.
Meeting the sexual health needs of L.G.B.T.Q young people.
Meeting the mental health needs of L.G.B.T.Q young people
L.G.B.T.Q young people and homelessness
L.G.B.T.Q young people and substance misuse.

Young Women Focused

Supporting Young women who have experienced abuse.
Young Women, Anger and Assertiveness.
Young women?s positive body image.
Positive relationships,

Young Men Focused

Supporting Young women who have experienced abuse.
Young men, Anger and Assertiveness
Following Expectations: working with young men and masculinity
Young women?s positive body image.
Positive relationships,

Non-Gender Specific

Positive relationships:
Exceeding Expectations: Study skills for success
Supporting BME young people
Personal safety for young people
Puberty and how to survive it,
Life Skills, making the winning C.V-start now.

Peer Education training

Sex and relationships

Some sessions will be particular to schools, others to youth centres and drop-in's. Others may be particular to conferences and organisations.